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Oreo Milk Shake

Oreo and ice cream are loved by all. The combination of oreos, ice cream and milk makes this recipe irresistible! This lovely shake can be whipped up in just minutes, so you can easily have it for breakfast or dessert.

Milk promotes strong bones, thanks to the presence of calcium as well as of vitamin D, which help in bone formation. Milk is considered as a skin cleanser and helps moisturise dry skin. 

2 cups milk
6 oreo biscuits
1 tbsp condensed milk
4 to 5 ice cubes
1 cup ice cream


  • Combine all the ingredients and blend in the mixer for just 1 minute.
  • Take it out from the mixer and put it out in the glasses.
  • Sprinkle crushed oreo biscuits on the milk and serve chilled with 1 scoop of ice cream.




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