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Mini Sago Thalipeeth

Sago (sabudana) is traditionally used for fasting recipes. It is a famous fasting food from Maharashtra. Mini Sabudana Thalipeeth can be packed for lunch or can even be relished as a quick snack! These thalipeeth taste the best served with curd or thecha.

Sago is nearly pure carbohydrate and has very little protein, vitamins, or minerals. It can be enriched by the addition of other healthy food options like groundnuts, vegetables, milk, potato etc.

Potatoes as a very good source of vitamin C, a good source of vitamin B6, copper, potassium, manganese, and dietary fiber. Potatoes also contain a variety of phytonutrients that have antioxidant activity. Raw potato juice taken 1 or 2 teaspoon before meals relieves the pain caused due to rheumatism, in stomach and intestinal disorders. Raw juice applied externally cures skin blemishes.

1 cup soaked sago (sabudana)
1 cup grated potatoes
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1 cup chilli powder
1/2 tsp roasted cumin seeds powder
salt to taste.
ghee for cooking as required


  • Mix all the above ingredients nicely and knead well, using a little water if required.






  • Divide the mixture into 4 to 5 portions. Take a tava (non-stick pan), and grease it with 1 tsp. ghee. Then, take one portion of the sago mixture and flatten it with your hand till it becomes a small size. Cook on medium flame on both sides till golden brown in colour. Repeat with all the other portions. Serve with curd or thecha and enjoy!





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