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Tilachi Poli/Indian Sweet Paratha

Makar Sankranti, the festival of kites and til chikkis is here! Makar Sankranti is a festival which falls on the same day every year as it follows the solar calendar. Though extremely popular as Makar Sankranti, the festival is predominantly a harvest festival and is celebrated throughout India, from north to south and east to west. While Makar Sankranti is most popular in West India, down south, the festival is known as Pongal and in the north, it is celebrated as Lohri. Uttarayan, Maghi, Khichdi are some other names of the same festival. Makar Sankranti is the festival of til-gul where sesame and jaggery laddoos or chikkis are distributed among all. They are generally accompanied by the saying, “Til-gul ghya ani gud gud bola”, which translates to ‘eat these sesame seeds and jaggery and speak sweet words’.

Tilachi Poli, is a popular Maharashtrian sweet roti. It is stuffed with a mixture of nutty sesame, crunchy peanuts and jaggery. Taste great with a smear of ghee. The sesame seeds are extremely rich in calcium, hence Tilachi Poli is a healthy tiffin snack for kids. Instead of the traditional “til gul” ladoo, I used the til gul mixture as the stuffing and made it a paratha.

2 cups whole wheat flour (gehun ka atta)
water as required
2 cups toasted sesame seeds (til)
2 1/4 cups grated jaggery (gur)
1/4 cup roasted and crushed peanuts


  1. Combine the sesame seeds, peanuts and jaggery and blend in a mixer till they become smooth and soft.
  2. Make the soft dough using wheat flour and required water and keep aside for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Make 5-6 equal portions of the dough then roll into a small circle of 3″ diameter.
  4. Put a small portion of above stuffing in the middle, close it by bringing all the edges into the middle and roll again into a normal chapati size(5″) siameter.
  5. Heat a tava and roast the poli on both the sides till light brown in colour using a little ghee.
  6. Serve hot.

big_tilachi_poli-78 (1).jpg



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