Accompaniment · Side Dish

Capsicum And Onion Chutney/Dip

This chutney/dip is extremely delicious and flavoursome. It instantly adds flavour to any other dish like rice, Indian breads, etc. The spices, the tempering and the capsicum and onion blend together to form the perfect accompaniment. This is a very famous dish in India. As an antibacterial agent and stimulant, it helps normalise blood pressure,… Continue reading Capsicum And Onion Chutney/Dip

Accompaniment · Chutneys

Ridge Gourd Peels Chutney

This chutney has a unique, but very delicious flavour and can be eaten with biriyani, pulav, rice, chapati, roti, etc. The unique flavour of the ridge gourd peels when combined with crushed peanuts, mint leaves, coriander leaves, chillies, and some ginger makes the perfect chutney/dip!  Ridge gourd is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, high… Continue reading Ridge Gourd Peels Chutney