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Oats, Dates And Banana Smoothie

This easy to make oats, dates and banana smoothie has appealing looks and great taste! It can be made in a giffy. It is a delicious recipe that is extremely healthy and diabetic friendly as well! The flavours of the oats, dates, banana and chocolate compliment each other beautifully. You can also replace the milk with almond… Continue reading Oats, Dates And Banana Smoothie

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Maharashtrian Sweet Dishes (Puran Poli & Modak)

Whole wheat flour polis with a delicious filling of cooked and sweetened chana dal are a delight to eat, especially when they are hot and served with lots of ghee! We make Puran Poli during festive times in Maharashtra. Without Puran Poli, our festivals are incomplete. This is a famous and special Maharashtrian modak (offering for Lord… Continue reading Maharashtrian Sweet Dishes (Puran Poli & Modak)